About Qontro

A powerful and proven ERP system, Qontro offers enterprise-level functionality at a price that makes sense for your business.

An early adopter of cloud-based software, we’re known for our innovative thinking and business-focussed solutions. For more than 20 years, Qontro has supported businesses to grow, flex and take flight.

Qontro is a fully integrated ERP platform, providing a proven POS, Inventory and Accounting solution designed to help businesses thrive.

Ready for growth

Complete Paints doubled their number of branches

Complete Paints went live with Qontro in 2013. We’ve been with them at every step as they’ve implemented proactive growth strategies and doubled their number of branches.

Flexibility in a fast-paced world

Continuous improvement for DVS

Qontro provides up-to-the-minute information for DVS’ sales and implementation teams. As DVS continues to improve and grow, Qontro keeps apace, streamlining complex business processes.

Success Story
How Sticks Building Supplies gained freedom and control

Sticks Building Supplies are making the most out of cloud-based accounting software. From quick (and reassuring) accounting checks while on holiday to having key business vitals on one screen, they’re making the most of increased efficiency and sales. 

“I can go on holiday overseas, and if I want to, I can log in 24/7 and check that everything is still working while I am away.”

Sticks Building Supplies

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