Your advanced inventory management system. Empowering you to act quickly and with confidence, so you’re free to spend your time where it’s needed.
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Advanced inventory management


Make decisions easily and with confidence thanks to real-time synchronized data views in your Management Dashboard.


Purchasing made simple. Fully automated demand forecasting drives auto fill ordering to maintain the right stock levels according to demand patterns.


Optimise revenue and margin trade-offs with easily set matrix pricing, eight price levels, margin grids and special pricing options.


Qontro ERP’s inventory management software enables you to maximise returns with easy-to-use tools for uploading and maintaining supplier price changes.

A huge thanks on behalf of the team here at Acorn ITM. We are now up and running on our third day of being live on Qontro.

Jarrad Cossey | Acorn ITM General Manager

Inventory feature favourites

Multiple branch functionality
Available out-of-the-box so you can get started right away with easy management, reporting and interbranch transfers of stock.
Control and maintain stock
Quick look-ups, editing, reporting and re-ordering features. Multiple supplier links for a single stock-keeping unit (SKU).
Full stocktake options
Full stocktake and cycle count options. Serialised stock and branch process tracking, plus kit options and bill of materials (BOM).
System flexibility
No practical limit on the number of items listed. Generous character limits on codes. Ability to store and link BMP, GIF or JPEG files to each order-entry item.
Success Story
How Advance Clean has future-proofed business

Jiwa Nadan, managing director of Advance Clean, knew the future of business was in cloud-based systems. Working closely with Qontro, Advance Clean transferred their server-based business processes to ERP software. They’ve gained an integrated system that can scale, flex and grow with them.

“We strive to align with global leading technologies and our success in the future will be determined by our ability to continuously improve our systems and support for our customers.”

Jiwa Nadan


Qontro inventory management enables you to easily see and manage your business inventory. Look up stock, edit or add new stock items and reorder stock all from this key feature.

Because Qontro’s ERP software is scalable, it’s suitable for SMEs and enterprises alike, flexing and scaling up as your business grows.

Inventory management software streamlines your inventory tracking. Keep track of stock, sales and orders, document work orders and billables – and more – all in one streamlined and simple-to-use system.

With a scalable cloud-based ERP system like Qontro, multiple key products like inventory management, point of sale and accounting are connected, so you’ll have one point of truth for your business.

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