How an ERP system can help you thrive in uncertain times

Global financial uncertainty. Increased inflation. Constrained supply chains.

How can businesses thrive in uncertain times like these?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system helps businesses to manage uncertainty and minimise risk. But it’s also a tool that could help your business thrive.

Though there’s a temptation to cut back when the going looks tough, investing in software can help businesses grow now and thrive in the future.

ERP – a single source of truth for uncertain times

One of the challenges many are facing is fluctuating costs. It’s hard work keeping on top of rapidly-changing prices.

Software like an ERP system’s inventory management module makes it easy to upload and update supplier price changes.

Qontro’s software helps you keep on top of consumer demand and know when to order new stock, too. Using a mathematical algorithm based on historic patterns, it anticipates future ordering patterns. The system automates demand forecasting and creates auto fill ordering, so you can maintain the right stock levels.

The system synchronises this data, so you can see how changing costs have a flow-on effect throughout the rest of your business. The Management Dashboard brings all facets of your business together, so you get one, clear picture of how your business is doing in real-time – from stock on hand to live sales data and cash at bank.

This kind of easily accessible, synchronised data and forecasting provides you the confidence you need to make business decisions in a changing world.

When time is money, software will help businesses thrive

Inflation is having an impact on business overheads like rent, salaries and freight costs. There’s uncertainty in many markets around what’s going to happen with consumer demand.

This can lead some businesses to just look at areas where they can cut back on overhead costs. But this can be counterproductive, and it is important to look beyond tangible cutbacks.

There’s an adage that time is money. Cutting back on the amount of time you or your team spend on administration tasks that smart software can do for you is savvy.

Qontro’s ERP system is designed for this purpose. Automating, simplifying, streamlining and providing visibility over what’s going on right across a business’ operations.

Certainty in an uncertain world

Control and visibility are what cloud-based ERP systems like Qontro offer.

In a chaotic world, Qontro provides the tools to see, understand and control your business. To reduce costs and keep on top of constantly changing figures and inventory demands.

Having the right armoury and being as well-equipped as possible can help you weather economic turbulence. But it also provides the ability to streamline, plan and become more efficient.

Don’t be afraid of uncertainty. Embrace the challenge, be prepared for it, and you’ll flourish.

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